Valentine's Day The Green Way

We have been spending a lot of time thinking about Valentine's day, and what it means to us and how we want to celebrate it.

A day that can divide opinions and personally conflicts us, but lets strip it back. Without the overpriced roses and chocolates, is it a day that we need to step out of our busy lives and recognise the people around us, that have a positive impact on our lives; our friends, family, partners and even dare I say work colleagues!

Would it be nice to take a new perspective away from the traditional marketing noise, and make an inclusive day with a message of love to all. 

This year we are making Valentine's Day green. Saying no to over consumed, temporary gifts, why? Because we want to say no to the negative carbon foot print left from mass produced imported goods, which are solely marketed towards this one day.

Instead we are looking to celebrate this day with small sustainable brands that are getting things right.

We have put together a small gift guide of from our collections for those ethically made Valentine's treats that will go beyond February 14th. 

AMATI Large Disc Necklace, From £95.00

KOTI Cuff, From £90.00


AMATI Small Disc Necklace, From £85.00


KOTI Half Round Cuff, From £205



Can't decide? We have gift cards for that very reason! You can find them here!