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10 minutes with X-Hail....

10 minutes with X-Hail....

New Year, Clear Mindset. 

We couldn't think of a better way to gently start 2020 than speaking with X-Hail founder, Charlotte. Charlotte has developed inclusive classes using modern meditation techniques suited to our busy lifestyles, we are OBSESSED! This is everything we need to combat those January blues and focus our minds for the busy month ahead.....

Why is X – Hail different to yoga, Pilates or other mindful exercise?

X-Hail is the UK’s only class to combine yoga inspired movement with modern music and super easy and intuitive meditation. There is no whale music allowed, no guru status teachers and absolutely no need to be able to bend your body into a pretzel.

We all lead chaotic lives! What would you recommend for a quick 5 minute relax that can be used in our everyday routines?

Take a deep breath. In through the nose, dropping down the diaphragm and expanding the tummy, then out through the mouth until, slow and steady, you can’t breathe out anymore. Just 3 of those, which should take around 30 seconds in enough to switch on the body’s relaxation response!

Where do you go for inspiration/motivation?

I love Gabby Bernstein so I’m always on her website, and social media pages looking for little nuggets of inspiration.

Tell us something that people may not know about mindfulness…

The traditional approach to mindfulness that we see over here in the UK, where participants learn a range of techniques such as following the breath can feel really difficult. That’s because it’s a technique usually used by monks. We are encouraging people to sit with us to learn and explore easier options! So I guess my point is…. Most people think meditation and mindfulness is not for them or its too hard but there are easier ways to do it!

What's your must - listen to podcast?

I listen to loads! At the moment I love Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness and RuPaul: Whats the Tee

I always forget to make time for me, how can I make a conscience effort to remember?

I like to think of it as a muscle that you train just like you would any other. The more you make time the more you see opportunities to make time. It gets easier as your self-care muscle gets stronger. Best place to start is with a pre-booked class like ours then you get the accountability and consistency that most of us need.

So many of us are affected by the changing seasons, what would be your tip for coping with the Winter blues?

Getting outside in nature in daylight and also listening and honouring your body’s need to rest more during the winter months. We are designed to work with the changes of the seasons and need to slow a little in winter.

Do you have any tips for making sustainable changes in life?

This is definitely something I am working on with more focus going into 2020. I think that just remembering that everyone can make a difference, just swapping from a disposable water bottle or plastic cup at the vending machine at work to your own cup of metal bottle can make all the difference.

If you could impart one piece of invaluable information, what would it be?

That breath that you’ve just taken. That is a gift. Use it wisely.

And finally, Fairmined Gold or Recycled Silver!?

Fairmined Gold!


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