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M E E T   F R A N C E S C A

I am based in the quaint village of Tarporley, a stone's throw away from where I grew up in the countryside of Cheshire. My mother is a painter, which meant I grew up surrounded by creativity, along with an early obsession for playing dress up with my grandmother's jewellery. 

This love for materials and objects led me to study Jewellery and Silversmithing at the prestigious School of Jewellery in Birmingham. It wasn’t until 2014 after living in South Vietnam for three years that I founded ANUKA.

Living along the beautiful Southern coastline, I became awakened to the consequences we were having on our environment. The ocean and the beaches were often littered with plastic pollution. Witnessing this made me question the kind of an impact I, as a business owner, was having on the environment. Once I began my research, there was no going back and I am proud to be able to call ANUKA an ethical jewellery collection. Every step of the way I am working hard to make sure we are limiting our footprint and doing things the right way whilst providing absolute transparency in all that we do. From the materials we use to the packaging our jewellery is delivered in, we make conscious eco-friendly decisions every step of the way to make sustainable jewellery that looks great and does good.


‘Designing and making jewellery that will one day be treasured by someone, is what I love. Ensuring it is made in an ethical and sustainable way makes it much more meaningful and distinctive.’ 

Francesca Kippax, Founder