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How To Spot And Avoid Greenwashing

How To Spot And Avoid Greenwashing

In an industry that is notorious for keeping quiet or greenwashing at a basic level, it is essential that as a consumer, you know what to look out for when it comes to seeking out sustainable jewellery.

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What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when a business or brand claims to be environmentally conscious but fails to actually make any notable sustainability efforts. 

It is a term that is widely recognised and understood, but do you know how to identify it?

In order to uncover if a jewellery brand is greenwashing or not, it is important to look below the surface and discover if the claims they are making have proof points to back them.

Questions to ask when spotting greenwashing

What materials are used?

Find out if the origin of the jewellery or gemstone is sustainable. Is the metal Fairmined, Fairtrade or 100% recycled? Do they use Canada Mark diamonds, recycled diamonds or lab grown diamonds? Where and how do they source their coloured gemstones? 

We use 100% recycled silver and Fairmined gold across all collections and source solely Canada mark diamonds for our fine collection. 

Are the mining conditions ethical?

Is there evidence that the mines used are safe, provide fair pay, gender equality, no child labour, safe working conditions and clean water supplies? Can you find proof that the mines provide people with an income to support their families and live a better life?

We use Fairmined gold across our collections, which ensure that the mines within their scheme adhere to a strict set of rules to ensure minimum impact to the environment.

What is the process from raw material to final product?

Is the whole supply chain displayed? What journey does the jewellery go on? Is it made in the UK or elsewhere? 

Our jewellery is all handcrafted in the U.K and we support diversity in our supply chain and give preference to suppliers owned by or supporting disadvantaged or underrepresented people.

Are claims verified?

If a brand is claiming to be sustainable or using buzzwords such as 'green', 'ethical' and 'eco-friendly', can they back these claims up with proof?

Certifications and partnerships to look out for:

- B corp

- 1% for the planet

- Provenance

- Fairmined

- Fairtrade

TOP TIP: Check the website to see if a trusted third-party organisation has verified the brand’s claims. This evidence should be clear and not difficult to find.

At ANUKA, we are B Corporation certified which is proof that we are legally and morally committed to prioritising our responsibility to the environment and society. We are members of 1% For The Planet, by which we give 1% of our annual revenue back to the planet and we use Provenance blockchain technology to allow for complete transparency in our process.

What is Sustainable Jewellery

A huge part of what makes something sustainable is how traceable it is, and how each point through the production process impacts people and the planet. Sustainable jewellery is jewellery that can be traced at each and every point throughout the production process and leaves no negative impact on the people who are involved at each stage, and the environment in which it is produced.

You can find out more about our ethos here.


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